0 3 0 2 1 9 9 5    What is the DUM?
2 9 0 9 1 9 9 1    What is the GOBBLEDYGOO number?
         What is the answer to the unknown question?
Ancient Aboriginal Astronomy and Modern Mysterology
MYSTEROLOGY CHART for  February third  1995
Read the charts for the answers to the unknowns questions 
MYSTEROLOGY CHART for  September  29  1991
The above number is the HOCUS for an unknown birthdate. What is the 11 digit sum of the HOCUS and the POCUS and the ORITHMETIC numbers? Suitable for babies able to select digits 11 in a row. Baby must be 100% correct or else, because near enough is not good enough. A high Orithmetic Quotient up to OQ123 is possible for most babies. Have a go! This is Fair Dinkum Triple Orithmetic!          Mrs Noughtfear
Baby chooses the BABYNUMBER from the DUM or the HOCUS
Notice 330  is the DUM  and  the rest  comprises  the SUM
thus  23+03+2020+22747+73203+1253584950=1253682946

Each digit knows how to calculate all digits from the DUM
number 330 when colorised according to the SUM for the
baby's birthdate 23 March 2020.
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