The Decimal System has been destroyed by Mrs Noughtfear because all those big numbers were mistreating her as if she was Nothing. Even little number one was a smartass like his father. So she plotted her revenge destroying them all, utilising the massive power of Nought.  Woe betied any smartass multiplying with Nought, resulting in instant destruction turning everyone into Nothing. Now Mrs Nougfhtfear has recreated them all in her own imagination as her loyal subjects with she as  Queen Bee of Queensland forever more. All numbers are now equal except for Mrs Noughtfear who is The Greatest just like Mohammed Ali.....Coming soon Gobbledygoo Psychic Orithmetic  from the mouths of babes to baffle the smarties.  

5   8   2
Notice 121 squares with three figures. From the three figures find the missing 118 figures

G   O   B   B     L   E  D    Y    G    O   O
Mrs Noughtfear, The Number Nun was not a pseudo scientist, but she believed in her ability to create pseudo science in her own imagination that really was rocket science. As the creator of the Queensland Decimal System all the numbers she created were as she created them like magic, psychic, mystic and very mental.

In Gobbledygoo Orithmetic each digit has an aura which can alter or be turned on or off, and each digit can be represented by flavours odours and textures which can be tasted, smelled or felt. They can mentally calculate the value of any or all missing digits or figures. Hence each digit is a MENTALATOR, like a mentalist but better.

To calculate the value of the MAGICNUMBER, the GOBBLEDYGOO number has to calculate the value of the MUMSANDDADS DNA number by studying the digits and auras of the DNA number 582. 

The MUMSANDDADS number calculates the MISSINGKIDS number which calculates the HOCUSPOCUS number which calculates the ABORIGINAL number which calculates the BABYNUMBER which calculates the CHILDSAFETY number which calculates the MAGICNUMBER which confirms the GOBBLEDYGOO number which calculates the PINENUMBER which calculates the QUEENSLAND number which calculates the SMARTSTATE number which calculates the MUMSANDDADS number etc

And each digit of the GOBBLEDYGOO number has to know how to calculate any or all the other numbers by reading the coded DNA number 582, 

​Remember the GOBBLEDYGOO number is chosen by Doctor Gobbledygoo himself, or a baby old enough to select 11 digits to create a GOBBLEDYGOO number. The DNA number can be any three digit number including 000.                
Mindreaders can't read minds. Headreaders can read heads
the truth is over there
You be Doctor Gobbledygoo 
        and I'll be The Mentalist
28 FERUARY - 1 MARCH 2020
Self employment opportunities for babies and  people with diisability